Eye Spy

Since the last blog post was about cookies, here’s one about running (so we can have more cookies). If you’re starting to feel like the days are blending together and your regular running routes are becoming stale, have I got a game for you! That’s right, a game.

Turning tasks into games shifts our mindset, allowing for curiosity, creativity, and competition to creep in. As athletes, we often focus primarily on that third C. But since we aren’t racing in the immediate future, we have a chance to have some fun and expand our horizons. That said, this can still be a competition if you want. Here’s the deal:

On your next run or walk, see how many of these you can spot. Bonus points for photos, and super duper bonus points (technical term) for creativity. Tag me (@kttobin) on Instagram or Twitter with your responses. Winners will get a prize…and by that, I mean that everyone who has fun while exercising is a winner! (And I’ll try to do something extra special for the best responses.)

Checklist (printable version)

  • Something pink
  • Something with a max speed of 30 mph
  • A very happy dog
  • Something that is “so very DC” (or wherever you live)
  • A cat (outdoors or spying through a window)
  • Water (river, lake, ocean, sprinkler, rain, etc.)
  • Something beginning with K
  • Noise that isn’t traffic
  • A couple in love
  • Something out of place/unusual

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes. I’ll be doing the same on my next run!

It’s water! Plus something unusual!

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