Week 1

“I really should blog more.”–Pretty much every blogger

Since the perfect is the enemy of the good, I’m going to eschew clever titles and profound wisdom this time. (Or maybe I never had those? Well then!) Instead, I’ll take a page from my coach and give a quick recap of the week.

Swimming: I’m slowly returning to the pool after the Revenge of the Wonky Shoulder started few weeks ago. I think it’s due to lack of hip rotation, and/or shoulder over rotation. Or gremlins. In any case, my coach, the folks at Swim WOD, and of course the fantastic physical therapists at Rose PT are on the case and will resolve it soon. In the meantime, I’m dialing back the yardage a bit and spending more time on mobility. (See the BALLS section later in this post.)

Biking: This has been great lately, and not just because of the eerily warm weather. I had been doing lots of aerobic work on the

A day well spent.

trainer over the past few months (aka the Netflix Special) and it’s starting to pay off. When I ventured outside over the past week, I was able to claim some QOMs on popular segments–at heart rate zone 1. Score!


Running: The good news–I’m running again! The bad news–this is actually quite an accomplishment. A few weeks ago, my left hip started to hurt to the point where I could barely walk. But looking at the usual culprits hadn’t explained anything. Training volume was low. I was strength training. I was rolling. I was sleeping. I was even taking pilates, barre, and yoga classes, thanks to ClassPass. Much frustration. Fast forward to this week: Alex at Rose PT pinpointed the issue to my iliacus, or hip hiker muscle. What caused it? Possibly bad posture…which was confirmed at a pilates master class a few days later. But now I’m finally able to run short distances without pain again, thanks to…

BALLS! Good thing they are fun to joke about, because the way these balls know how to find every tight and sore spot on my body is no laughing matter. Shout out to Erin from Swim WOD for recommending them. Basically, they are a very targeted and portable version of a foam roller, perfect for working out knots in shoulders and hips. Hmm, who needs that? 11429640_1675222002689819_1283128625_n

Other Stuff: I finished reading The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, and highly recommend it to anyone with a day job (or who hopes to have one some day). It talks about how to rethink the way we work in order to maximize our mental engagement and physical energy. Spoiler: naps are a good thing…and if you follow the advice in this book, you won’t inadvertently take them during a meeting. The long weekend also featured some kitchen experiments, both edible (sushi! tamales!) and inedible (soap! chamois cream!).

Can you spot the secret ingredient?

3 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Woot! So fun to follow your adventures from abroad…and to read about how you’re training for our swimrun 😉

    Which tamale recipe did you use? They’re one of my favorite foods but I haven’t gotten up the nerve to make them at home yet!


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