Week 3

My, my, how things can change in a week. Just a few days ago, I was in San Francisco with my family. The weather hovered in the 60s, I got to indulge my inner hippie-yuppie-gourmond-nerd in the massive bulk foods section of Rainbow Grocery, and my biggest struggle was deciding which boutique fitness studio to visit (I opted for a “Barre Fight” class).


Now, I get this.

Looking further back at the calendar, just a month ago, I was biking in shorts and short sleeves. Thanks, El Niño!


Swim: Still getting back into it. Hit the 3k mark in a swim workout for the first time in awhile–twice! The shoulder pain is mostly gone, but due to the time off, injury, and massively overthinking everything, I feel like an awkward adolescent in the water, unsure what to do with my limbs. Unfortunately, due to the storm, my underwater taping session had to be postponed, but hopefully by next week I’ll be more confident that I’m not causing bodily ruin with each stroke. Wouldn’t that be nice?

IMG_5733Bike: After taking a break from two wheels while I was out west, I’m back on the trainer with gusto. Before the storm arrived, I asked my coach how much I could bike and run each day I was snowed in. (Cabin fever vs. over training–such a difficult balance!) She said two hours on the bike and 10 minutes of running, so I’m taking her up on it. Let’s still if the snow or my legs will relent first.


Run: Daily runs! Like a boss! Ok, they are just over a mile each. But they are pain free, which is a huge improvement over hobbling around the house.

Strength, Etc. The city has pretty much shut down due to the snow, so I haven’t been able to take any strength classes. The balls have continued to be my loyal companion. I even keep a set at work and try to subtly roll against my desk or the walls of the conference room when it’s not in use. Shh, don’t tell.

Other: In addition to a change in climate, I also returned to DC to a new roommate. More to follow!




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