Week 13: Freedom!

The big excitement this week is that I finally finished my ten-week, twenty-session, forty-hour Product Management class at General Assembly. Hooray! It might not sound like a big commitment (it certainly didn’t when I signed up), but it also meant that on class days, I’d start work around 6:30 or 7:00, work until 5:30, drive downtown during rush hour, pay to park in a garage, buy dinner, sit in class 6:30-8:30 (but really more like 8:45), get home after 9 and go to bed by 9:30 to wake up at 4:30 and start again. Now do you feel tired? But it was still a good experience and it gave me a chance to test drive coming up with a product to sell. I learned that while I love this part of the process, I don’t have the energy or appetite for risk to thrive in the startup world. Good to know this now!

Otherwise, a pretty quiet week. Oh yeah, except for this.

Moose, is this a hint?

Training is continuing to build and I added some strength work and a much-needed massage, plus visiting a brewery to celebrate the end of the week.


Swim: My first wetsuit legal swim of the season! Just without the wetsuit. Barry Farm pool had some heater problems so the water was 72 on Wednesday. Coach Mary reminded me this is perfectly swimmable, so I sucked it up and swam pretty much continuously to stay warm.

Bike: About 12 hours before shivering in my swimsuit, I was battling technology on the bike. The assignment was a straightforward aerobic hour on the trainer. I started the washing machine, applauding myself for adulting while sportzing. Turned on the garmin – battery dead. No worries, I have Trainer Road and Zwift to record the data and control resistance. Except Trainer Road wouldn’t connect with my power meter. Fine, Zwift to the rescue…until it froze while I was climbing a hill and couldn’t reduce the resistance, despite force quitting the program. I wanted to just leave for work and finish the workout on a spin bike in the gym, but the laundry was still going. Damn adulting! I knew it would be the end of me! So I ground it out on the bike, heavy gear, no data, for the 45 minutes or so until the washing machine buzzed.

Run: This week, I got to rise above zone 1 for the first time since the fall, in the form of a 5k heart rate test. It was not pretty. But it means I can only go up from here, right? That didn’t exactly happen right away, as my run the next day was in the middle of gale force winds, but it was a great opportunity to check out my new LUNA Chix windbreaker and other gear.

This expression refers to the 5k, not the clothes, which are delightful.

Other: If you’re looking for 90 minutes of entertainment and inspiration while on the trainer (or other times, if you’re in to that type of thing), check out the Barkley Marathons documentary on Netflix. Trust me, it will make your current workout feel like a breeze.



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