Week 15: Sportz-Life Balance

When we last saw our heroine, she was facing her greatest challenge yet: a rest week! What to do with the extra free time? Does life beyond work-swim-bike-run even exist?

Answer: yes. And so much so, this blog post is going to be a day late and content-lite. This is why.

My parents came to visit! This involved a lot of prep work, like making the bed and tidying up the furniture.

This was my parents’ first time meeting Moose, but they got along just great. We also embarked on the family tradition of sportz. My parents are such troopers, riding up the hills of Anacostia on mountain bikes!

Perhaps inspired by my parents’ visit, I practiced being a Responsible Adult this week and learned how to faked my way to mend some clothing and my pool bag. I also discovered a fun fabric store that specializes in African wax prints. I see some colorful throw pillows in my future…

But wait, there’s more! This wasn’t just any family visit slash craft and sportz bonanza, but also the wedding of my good friend and fellow buggy racer bike adventurer, Tess. And since I was one of her bridesmaids, I got to upgrade my look a bit. Congrats, Tess and Matt!

Though let’s be honest, even a rest week can be quite tiring. I look forward to getting back into the usual schedule next week…which means I should go to sleep!



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