KT’s back. Back again.

Hello, world! Yes, it has been awhile. Sorry about that. But better late than never! What adventures has 2017 cooked up so far?

In the interest of actually finishing a blog post before bed time, I’ll keep this short. Let’s start with…

San Francisco

My brother and sister in law had a baby in February, so in January, the family gathered in San Francisco to eat, drink, and offer unsolicited suggestions for what to name the child. (Spoiler: they did not follow my advice and name the baby “Pantsuit” in honor of Hillary Clinton. Sigh.)

I also got to catch up on some informative reading, courtesy of the home exchange where we stayed.

The visit was also a great chance to walk around the city and learn about its perspective on international events.

Good plan.

Overall, a nice break from DC and a warm-up for our next trip…




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