Week 5: Busy is the new normal?

After the super short snow week, I knew it would be rough to have to return to the office for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. And rightly so. I think fully 80% of my work week was consumed by meetings, plus two nights of class after work. Luckily, my colleagues were also glad to be done with the Outlook overload, and we celebrated Friday afternoon with sparkling cider and cookies.

A long week calls for beer and an avocado. (Yes, Mom, I also had a real dinner.)

After which, I promptly hit the pool and then biked for an hour. Ah, triathlete life!


Swim: Lots of drills today, as well as a session of learning to swim without jacking up my shoulders, courtesy of Coach Dominic. I really look forward to “not dangerous” being my new normal in the pool.

Bike: Cold and rainy weather = more time on the indoor trainer. I’ve been using Trainer Road and Zwift simultaneously, letting TR control my resistance but Zwift’s graphics provide some distraction. However, I did some reading on Zwift today to learn how to actually use it, so tomorrow might be a *real* Zwift ride. (Reading about its gamification features did confirm my dislike of games, however.)

Run: Up to 20 minutes at a time now! Look out, world!

Other Sportz: Last Saturday, on a ClassPass-fueled frenzy, I signed up for a yoga class. 75 minutes. Hot yoga. Focused on hip openers. Yeah. When I checked in at the front desk, the instructor gleefully informed me we were going to realign my fascia! Goody!!!! Actually, the class was useful, though by now I’m probably just as tight as I was before. This week, I also took my first 1:1 pilates class with an apprentice instructor at Pengu Studio. Have you ever spent an hour doing pilates perfectly? No hip drops, no cheating, doing each exercise until the instructor can see you’re sufficiently fatigued? It’s intense. However, it’s also how I will finally address my muscle imbalances and stop the cycle of injury.

Moose: The cat gets its own section, right? Yes, its. We tried taking Moose to the animal shelter today to meet with a vet and get booster shots, maybe spayed, etc. However, the line was around the block and weather hovered around freezing, so we’ll save that for another day.

Moose enjoys confirming stereotypes.

3 thoughts on “Week 5: Busy is the new normal?

    1. It’s a class at General Assembly called Product Management. In other words, how to be a mini-CEO of a product. If you read “The Lean Startup” you’ll get 80% of the content.


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