Week 31: Work Work Work

This week was a blur, to be honest. (It probably doesn’t help that I’m writing this post three weeks afterward, whoopsie.) I’ve been dealing with some piriformis (aka butt) pain, likely from tight hip flexors caused by all the sitting in cars and airplanes lately. Thankfully, Rose PT has been there for me, and as an added bonus, one of their new therapists is Swiss, so we got to spend the hour auf Deutsch.

Speaking of Switzerland, probably my greatest accomplishment of the week is making an Apfelwähe, a Swiss fruit and nut tart that made a cameo in an earlier post. I made one on Saturday night, intending to bring it to work, devoured the whole thing within hours, then made another one (this time, with recipe in German) and actually managed to share it with colleagues. It happened to be Swiss National Day (1 August), so it seemed well planned. Teehee.

Well, if you insist…

And that’s about it, so here’s what you really came for: Moose pics!




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