Week 34: Non Sportz Things

Realizing that while a tag cloud of the topics discussed on this blog would indicate otherwise, I have other things going on in my life besides sportz, Moose, and food. Like sewing. Did you know I can sew? (and rhyme, apparently)

While 12 year old, emerging feminist KT might have found sewing to be quaint and too stereotypically feminine, now I see it as an act of rebellion against our overly-commercial society that focuses on buying new things instead of cherishing and fixing old ones. So now, when an arm warmer rips at the seam or a key pokes a hole in the pocket of my running shorts, I can fix them. Do they look as good as new? Not really, but I also don’t care because I can look at the patchwork and pat myself on the back for being moderately MacGuyverish. (Though maybe I should invest in some different colors of thread.)

Having a sewing machine also means that I can make gifts for friends. Since suddenly everyone in my social network is having babies these days, I’ve been making a lot of these blankets. (Flash realization: maybe they are having babies because they want a blanket?!)


Added bonus: I have recruited a helper!

IMG_6246 (1)


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