Week 33: Too. Damn. Hot.

Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of the summer heat. Now how many of you wanted to raise your hand but couldn’t even move due to the oppressive heat and humidity? Yep, that’s what I thought.

But the week wasn’t entirely spent wallowing on the hardwood floor under a ceiling fan, clutching a cold beer glass of ice water. Elliott and I also ventured into the wilds of Prince George’s County to go sea kayaking. Yes, really.

The Patuxtent River flows from Columbia, MD, into the Chesapeake Bay, creating a slow-moving, meandering, easily kayak/SUP-able water wonderland. There’s even a series of boat ramps and picnic facilities as part of the water trail. We parked at Jug Bay, which has free entry, easy parking, a nifty kayak launch chute, bathrooms, and adjacent hiking trails.

Along the way home, we stopped at a Safeway that turned out to be a test store, where they try new products and lead bigwigs on tours. Everything was sparkling and well-stocked, plus they had items that aren’t normally at Safeway, like a huge bulk foods section with teas and spices.

And yes, we did buy cold beverages. Please alert me when it’s fall. I’ll be on the hardwood floor, under the ceiling fan.

Even Untappd wants me to get away from this weather.



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