Week 40: The Normals

If you were hoping to read about another week of jetsetting, racing, or Moose adventures, alas, this is not that blog post. I actually went to work all five days last week, and was home both days of the weekend. I know, so strange, right?!

Actually, I take that back. Even though I didn’t leave the DC area, the week still included some adventures, like playing in the mud…

Puddle-jumping on the C&O Canal Towpath to train for the NC Swim-Run

And hiking…

In which Moose meets the neighborhood deer family (welcome to SE DC)

And camping.

Checking our gear for an upcoming trip in Texas

I also ordered a book, Designing Your Life, based on the popular Stanford University class. Moose liked it, too.


Next week: just three days in the office (one of which is at a local conference), then off to California for nine. whole. days. Hooray!



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