Week 39: Mixing Things Up a Bit

Fresh off my race in Mexico, I returned to the office for one day and then promptly left for a week of work meetings. Ah, got to love the end of fiscal year! This time, I spent a few days in New York City. A few of the trip highlights:

A movie set in Chelsea…oh wait, those are real cops.


A tree grows in Brooklyn…and Manhattan. As do tourists.

Pro tip: make boring buildings look timeless and historic by applying iPhone filters. Nothing ironic about that.

Union Square has a great farmers’ market, but you don’t have to bee-lieve me – just ask the thousands of other visitors.

The 9/11 Memorial was beautiful, sobering, and peaceful. However, I found it odd that one of the prominent retailers in the new World Trade Center building is a Banana Republic, given, um, the origins of the name.

While I had a great trip to NYC, it was also nice to finally spend a few days at home–especially with sunsets like this (from the train).

After all, I had a busy weekend ahead! Saturday was the inaugural Fountainhead Off-Road triathlon, comprising a mile kayak, 11 miles biking, and 3.3 miles running. Sounds easy, right? The key word here is Fountainhead – as in, a very hilly, technical regional park in Fairfax County. This is why we tackled the race as a relay, with Elliott on the kayak (and the hilly mile run between the lake and transition area), DC Tri Club and Rose PT teammate Trevor on the bike, and me running. We had a blast and wound up winning the relay category to boot!

Now it’s back to the grindstone for a whole five day workweek! Good thing I have an assistant.





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