Week 47: A Pleasant Blur

Hello, off season! While I officially entered the wonderful world of sleeping in, choose-your-own-adventure workouts, and not showing up at work with goggle-ringed eyes at the beginning of November, the first few weeks were a blur of travel and family. And now it’s finally time to settle in to…not particularly much. It’s kind of nice, really. My weeks are no longer dictated by a training plan, and when someone asks me what I’ve been up to, I have something to say other than bore them with swim/bike/run.

So, what have I been up to?

Cooking! Yes, it’s no surprise that someone who likes to work out a lot also likes to eat. A lot. In fact, it’s a running joke at work that I’ve taken up an entire shelf of the fridge. But I also share my bounty with colleagues (sometimes).


Hanging out with friends! Ok, this also includes sportz some times. A new bike path opened in my neighborhood recently, and it has been really fun to explore it.

Ummm this train is a bit lost.

Learning! This fall, I started an online certificate program in Interaction Design via the University of California, San Diego. So far, much of the content is stuff I already know, but explained really well and with diverse examples. Added bonus: I can refer my colleagues to these videos, instead of asking them to just take my word for it when I explain why prototyping is  good thing. Plus, I get to revisit my student days by doing homework…though this is very different from the long essays I had to write.


Not blogging! Teehee, yeah…this post is a bit late. Sorry. But now that Moose is firmly planted on my lap, I’ll be churning out a few more posts tonight. Stay tuned!



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