Week 48: Being Thankful

Doesn’t Thanksgiving feel like a lifetime ago? Somehow it always gets swept aside in the frenzied holiday rush. But now that people are probably tired of shopping amidst the polar vortex and are longing for the simple days of food and oddly warm temperatures, here’s my belated Thanksgiving post:

Turkey trot. Focus on the trot. Last December, in a fit of optimism, I signed up for a race pass sponsored by a local running store. The pass included four races and a pair of shoes for around $200–such a deal! And then…I got injured and couldn’t run for awhile. Then I was tri training and didn’t have time for 5k road races on Saturday mornings. Then I forgot about it. Then, a few weeks ago, I realized I was running out of time. Hence, the turkey trot (and a few more frigid 5k races that I’m not exactly thrilled about, but principles!). The race was…sucky. But I knew that going into it; it’s off-season, I haven’t had much fast running all season, the route was hilly, etc. Whatever, good exercise, good experience. Plus, the organizers let us opt for a $10 coupon to the running store in lieu of another race t-shirt.

Liquid bread. After the race, I headed over to the local Whole Foods to pick up a few more items for dinner, as well as to fill a growler with some beer to share. Bonus: the Whole Foods employee let me taste all the options before deciding. Never mind it wasn’t even 9 AM yet.


Other food. We headed over to Victoria’s condo for dinner (yes, the Victoria who inspired these swim suits) and were asked to bring bread and salad. Simple enough. So we brought bread (home-made oatmeal-chia-etc.), sausage-cornbread stuffing, corn-jalapeño spoon bread, beer, and sparkling cider. Noticeably absent: salad. We realized this oversight once we were en route and all grocery stores were closed. Oops.

Nothing fancy, but definitely fun. Besides, we had to save our energy for the following week…

Looks like our neighbors had company as well.

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