Week 9: Sweatpants Emporium

When you think “bachelorette party,” what comes to mind? Wild nights in Vegas, male strippers, short dresses, leopard print, maybe a tiara? Rather than rely on past experience movie cliches, my fellow bridesmaids and I planned the weekend of my friend Tess’s party around a Buzzfeed-style quiz.

  1. Who is your spirit animal?
    1. Leslie Knope
    2. Reese Witherspoon in “Wild”
    3. Blair Waldorf
    4. Lauren Conrad
  2. When you think “bitchin’ bachelorette drinks”…
    1. Hot toddies
    2. Anything from a Nalgene
    3. In vino veritas
    4. A bespoke cocktail
  3. You just packed your suitcase and it’s full of clothes from…
    1. REI
    2. J Crew…or whatever is already in my closet
    3. Rent the Runway
    4. The Sweatpants Emporium
    5. Forever 21
  4. Our biggest challenge for the weekend will be…
    1. Choosing our favorite wine
    2. Choosing our favorite food
    3. Getting lost in the woods
    4. Getting mistaken for models


I won’t reveal all the answers, but let’s just say this was a scene from part of the party.

Added bonus: I got to practice two new sewing skills- ironing on decorative patches and hemming sweat pants.


Other than that, it was a pretty quiet week with lower training volume. Next week, I’ll be traveling for work so I’ll enjoy the extra sleep while I can!

Time to recover.

Swim: Short. Sweet. Slow. I’m still focusing on form, with lots of drills and slowing way down to keep things smooth. However, more than a few times, I’ve been so engrossed in what I’m doing, I plow right into the wall. Oops.

Bike: Just two rides this week, one aerobic and one recovery. I think they were probably both supposed to be aerobic but after a 12 hour workday on Thursday, the only way I could motivate myself to get on the bike was to pick a Trainer Road ride that matched my mood: Lazy Mountain.

Run: More short and easy runs. Look forward to warmer temperatures next week so I can run outside without cursing the weather. (And yes, I realize the curses will resume this summer.) I think Moose will also be glad when the treadmill goes dormant. She frequently sits there and watches me while I am on my bike, and today decided to come over and visit while I was actually running on the treadmill. That did not end well for her. (She’s fine.)

Other: I’m continuing to build strength and discover weaknesses at pilates class. The latest: weak ankles (especially the right) and terrible twisting (especially to the left). What will we learn next week???

Hopefully our last snow of the year.

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