Week 7: Sportz with Friends!

Whether this is your first week of reading the blog, your seventh, or you’re my parents (hi!), three things are already obvious: 1. I like sportz. 2. The word is spelled with a z. 3. The sentence containing said word shall end with an exclamation point. Because yay sportz!

And this week was no ordinary week of sportz! I was finally able to emerge ever so delicately and carefully from my injury recovery cocoon and train with other people. As an extrovert whose social network largely revolves around athletic endeavors, this is, in the words of Vice President Joe Biden, “A big f—king deal.”

Swim: Not only was this a social swim, it was AN UNDERWATER BACHELORETTE PARTY. Congratulations, Victoria and Jason! (Victoria is in the tiara cap; I’m on the far right.) Thank you to Rachel for coordinating the attire.

Why yes, those are matching leopard print swim suits.

Bike: After the swim and bageling (can “bagel” please be a verb?), I took advantage of the spring-ish weather and went for a ride outdoors. Not only was this not a ride on the trainer, surrounded by fake Zwift scenery and ghost riders, I got to share the great outdoors with Elliott…and about half the cyclists in the city. But I suppose having more cyclists on the roads means cars will not be surprised to see us, right?

Run: Keeping with the theme, I even got to be social on a run this week. For nearly a year now, I’ve been running regularly with a friend from work. Aerobic runs are kept in check because we are talking the whole time, and I’m kept honest on speed sessions because he’s now faster than I am (yes, I admit it!). But then came the hip injury in December, followed by very limited and slow running in January, and mismatched schedules in February. Until this week. It was just one run, and just 20 minutes, but it made me feel better than any average speed or mileage PR.

Etc.: I’ve been practicing sewing, namely making presents for family members. Last week was a throw pillow cover (slightly too small, oops), and today my wonderful cousin, Cannon-Marie, taught me how to make baby blankets. I think this is the year that half of my social circle gives birth, so I’ll get lots of practice with these. Next stop: Project Runway? Since the blanket design is a surprise, I’ll post a photo of Moose instead. Hope you don’t mind.

Way to live up to stereotypes, Moose.



5 thoughts on “Week 7: Sportz with Friends!

  1. Did you read that article on why cats like boxes, especially cardboard? It has to do with insulation. Apparently, cats prefer our rooms to be in the 90-degree range. Plus, some boxes allow cats to surprise their prey….fair warning.


  2. On March 7, 2016, after a two week trial, the jury awarded Erin Andrews $55 million in her civil lawsuit over the secret recording and release of a video showing her naked during a hotel stay.


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